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Bonds in Phoenix, AZ & Glendale, AZ

Bonds can be crucial in providing financial security and peace of mind for parties entering into business agreements. These financial instruments are often purchased from insurance companies and can act as compensation should an organization fail to provide adequate services or fulfill business obligations.

How Do Bonds Work?bonds

There are many types of bonds, and their functionality may vary. However, these products can generally be seen as a loss control measure often purchased by a business entity to provide financial reassurance to clients, customers or partners. By retaining appropriate bonds, a company can protect the financial interests of other parties by ensuring they can recoup monetary losses while avoiding costly and lengthy legal battles and limiting reputational harm.

What Is the Difference Between a Surety Bond and a Fidelity Bond?

Surety and fidelity bonds are two of the most common types of bonds businesses use. These loss control instruments can play crucial roles in establishing and maintaining trusting relationships and financial security among commercial enterprises. Consider the following guidance:

  • Surety bonds come in many forms but are generally purchased to establish a financially secure agreement between the following three parties:
    • The principal, such as a contractor or business, purchases surety bonds.
    • The obligee, such as a client or customer, determines if surety bonds are necessary.
    • The surety, such as an insurance company, underwrites and maintains bonds.

Should the principal prove incapable of fulfilling their duties, the obligee can recoup their losses using the surety bonds. The surety may then pursue compensation from the principal.

  • Fidelity bonds are also known as honesty bonds. They are often a crucial loss control measure for companies that provide services to clients and customers while potentially gaining access to their property. For example, if a cleaning company dispatches employees to clients’ premises, fidelity bonds can recover financial losses resulting from dishonest or criminal acts, such as the following:
    • Theft
    • Burglary
    • Forgery
    • Fraudulent transactions
    • Property damage

Who Needs Bonds?

Bonds are integral to many businesses’ loss control measures and may be required to be eligible for certain projects and opportunities. For example, project owners, developers and government entities may often mandate construction companies to purchase surety bonds before rewarding them with a contract. Even without formal requirements, bonds may be an advisable investment, as they can help limit out-of-pocket losses and public legal battles, which could be devastating for a company’s finances and reputation.

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